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Should schools "profile" all students to identify those who may become violent?
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Quick reference medical handouts used by Pediatric offices

Words of Wisdom for good parenting

Here are 75 more suggestions for smoothing the way among parents, children, and grandchildren. For the first 75, see 75 Hints for Mom and Dad.

76. They don’t call it a women’s intuition for nothing
77. Be a den mother
78. Buy your share of Girl Scout Cookies
79. Cultivate the art of napping
80. Washable markers aren’t
81. Piano lessons are not for everyone
82. Tell dad to share the toy trains
83. Tell your daughter she can be a fire fighter
84. Take snapshots on the first day of school
85. Volunteer for class trips
86. Join the PTA
87. Don’t panic
88. Scotch guard everything
89. Never use the check-out with the candy display
90. All car trip diversions last three minutes
91. Let them eat Oreo’s inside out
92. You did SO do that at their age
93. The more solemn the moment, the louder they cry
94. Kids get dirty quicker on more important occasions
95. Don’t take the kids grocery shopping on empty stomachs
96. Forbidden junk food will be eaten at neighbor’s houses
97. Tell know-it-alls to mind their own business
98. Trust your instincts
99. Occasionally you WILL use the TV as a babysitter
100. If they won’t clean their plates, use smaller plates
101. Pack school lunches with good trading items
102. Let them eat cake
103. Let them eat animal crackers
104. Keep smiling
105. There is no escaping car pools
106. Dry their tears
107. Ask only that they try their best
108. When they have kids, they will REALLY appreciate you
109. Grandchildren are for spoiling
110. It is your duty to brag
111. Point out that your granddaughter has your eyes
112. Be sure to mention that your grandson has your smile
113. Let your daughter think she’s a better mother than you
114. Teenage daughters are hazardous to your health
115. Teenage sons are hazardous to their own health
116. Send a care package to college
117. Teach them to swim early
118. Insist on bike helmets
119. Wear a bike helmet yourself
120. Take them to the circus
121. Send an apple for the teacher
122. No blue hair
123. Ask them for advice once in a while
124. Remember the names of their stufed animals
125. Watch all the Peanuts TV specials
126. Buy them cool lunch boxes
127. Your daughter’s house will never be as clean as yours
128. Buy them a good dictionary
129. You can not praise a kid too much
130. Ice cream solves most problems
131. Try to get some breakfast in them
132. Help start a stamp collection
133. Traditions are important
134. Teach them to love reading
135. The shiny thing in the driveway is your child’s new retainer
136. Attend school plays
137. Don’t yell at their Little League umpires
138. Everyone tries to get out of gym class
139. Celebrate velcro
140. Record their voices
141. Don’t hold up other people’s children as role models
142. Show them photos of yourself as a child
143. Check before believe that Dad said it was okay
144. At least comic books means they are reading
145. Murphy’s Laws are true
146. Lock up the good china
147. Sing silly songs
148. Make goofy faces
149. Teach them good manners
150. Always love them


As a reminder, this information should not be relied on as medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice of your child’s pediatrician. Please read our full disclaimer.

Advertising links will direct you off of the KidsGrowth Web site. KidsGrowth is neither responsible for
nor does it necessarily endorse the privacy practices, content or products of these sites.

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