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Should schools "profile" all students to identify those who may become violent?
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Quick reference medical handouts used by Pediatric offices


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    Family Overload and How to Manage It!
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  • What is antibiotic resistance and why is it a problem?
  • Health Information from our Experts

  • My three year old granddaughter is coming to visit. How can I make sure my home is safe for a little one?...
  • I live 2000 miles from my grandchildren. How can I stay in touch with them? ...
  • My mother-in-law disapproves of our 18-month old sleeping in our bed. How should I handle the situation?...
  • This is going to sound so selfish, I almost hate to ask it. My daughter and her husband have a darling baby. They'll call me about Wednesday to ask what I have planned for the weekend. The first time it happened, I thought they were going to ask me out, so...
  • I know this sounds selfish, but my son and his wife have asked me to be the guardian of their new baby if anything happens to them. I'm only in my 50's and a widow. I enjoy my job and love traveling. I really wouldn't want to be tied down to a baby at this...
  • I finally have a grandchild where I live. All my other grandkids live out-of-town. Unfortunately, my daughter won't let me do anything. When I call to ask if I can come over, she tells me the baby's sleeping. If I am allowed over, I can't hold the baby (sh...
  • I'm about to be a grandmother for the first time. Any suggestions?...
  • My grandson is 8-months old and is getting SOLID foods. When I say solid, I mean meatloaf, cheese, and spaghetti just before bed-time. The baby is not sleeping well, and I believe it is because my daughter-in-law feeds him starchy, heavy food in the even...
  • How long should a visit be? My daughter has invited me to come and spend some time visiting her family. She has a guest room so I’m not putting anyone out of their room, but I don’t want to over-stay my welcome. She says I should stay as long as I want. A...
  • My daughter-in-law never uses my gifts. I gave her a beautiful picture that had been in my son’s nursery for the baby’s room and she’s never put it up. She exchanges the clothes I buy for the baby and other than a brief thank you note, never mentions them....
  • How can I entertain my grandsons when they come over? I live in a condo and have no yard for them to play in. One is five and one is six. ...
  • We have recently moved closer to my in-laws and my mother in-law is now taking care of my 19-month-old son while I am at work. She has repeatedly been giving him junk food (i.e., french fries, chicken mc nuggets, gummy bears, chocolate chip cookies, pork...
  • My grandchild is 21 mos. old. He has never slept like a normal child should. He has only slept a few nights all the way through. I am very concerned about this . ...
  • My in-laws have been putting pressure on me to bring our 16 month old son to their house for long visits. I feel very unconfortable with this because I feel their home is not very safe for a young child. They live on a lake, have a pool and hot tub with...
  • Our 11 month old grandson does not like to eat solid food, which was introduced at six months. He will eat small amounts of some finger food (cheerios, bananas), but cries as soon as he is put in his high chair, or a spoonful of anything is presented. His ...
  • I am a new grandmother-1st time- and when my daughter took her daughter in for a check up he stated that he didn't want to worry her but the babies head was a little larger than normal. Does this mean she has downs syndrome? Also she is not holding her hea...
  • My in-laws think giving my 5 month old food like chocolate is okay. I have told them many times that I am trying to introduce foods one at a time so I can detect any allergies or sensitivities, but they don't listen to my concerns. The latest "food" they i...
  • My husband, 21 month old daughter, and a newborn who is due in three weeks, and myself will be temporarily moving in with my parents. My question has to do with second hand smoke, they do not smoke in our presence, but smoke in their bedroom, an...
  • My three years old daughter has just started to attend nursery class; I have two questions: She has little or no appetite. Is there anything I can suggest to the nursery school to improve her appetite? My second question is that, whenever she go...
  • I am six months pregnant and my in-laws want to take my husband and I on a cruise to Alaska in July of 2001. The baby will be 4 months old. I personally feel that this would not be recommended. However, I am not getting the support from my family. What is ...
  • My grandson has been switched to lactose-free similac with iron. Is he going to need any supplemental vitamins? Is he losing out on any important nutrients since he is on this special formula?...
  • My 3 ½ month old son is teething and my mother-in-law gave him something called Humphrey #3. They're little white pellets that she says she used to give her kids when they were babies and her mother used it on her (we're talking 54 yrs. ago). I c...
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    Advertising links will direct you off of the KidsGrowth Web site. KidsGrowth is neither responsible for
    nor does it necessarily endorse the privacy practices, content or products of these sites.

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