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Quick reference medical handouts used by Pediatric offices

Skin and Rashes

Health Information from our Experts

  • I recently noticed that my baby's skin is yellow, especially at the tip of his nose, palms, soles, and chin. Someone said that he was jaundiced, but the whites of his eyes are white. What is causing this?
  • When is a child's cut serious enough to require stitches?
  • When is it safe to put sunscreen on my baby?
  • Is it safe to pierce my baby's ears?
  • My child has round white patches on his face. Is this a fungus infection?
  • My toddler has bruises on his lower legs. Does he have a blood problem?
  • My baby has a very flaky scalp. Is this normal and what can I do about it?
  • My child developed a strange rash over her face after a night of coughing. I took her to our pediatrician who said they were "blood spots." She also used another name for the rash that I cannot remember. Is this serious?
  • What can I do about fire ant bites?
  • Why do many newborns become jaundiced after birth?
  • What is the best way to care for a newborn's umbilical cord?
  • What causes newborns to have hiccups?
  • What are the small white spots on my baby's skin?
  • At my newborn's two month checkup, her pediatrician said a rash on her face was "newborn acne." What is this condition?
  • What type of antibacterial soap is best to use in preventing illness?
  • The labels on sun screens say that they are not to be used on infants less than six months. Are there any sun screens safe for babies?
  • Is there any way I can keep my children from getting head lice?
  • What is the best treatment for an ingrown toe nail?
  • My daughter has several spider looking veins all over her face and arms. She started developing them at about one year old. She is currently seven and the broken blood vessels seem to have gotten worse. What can I do about them? She is constantly ask
  • I have been told that the bump on my child's writs is a ganglion cyst. Is it serious?
  • My mother used kerosene on my hair to treat head lice when I was a little girl. Is that safe?
  • Is it necessary to fumigate the entire house in order to eliminate head lice?
  • Our 3-week-old baby has tiny spots on his face. People have said to us that they may be milk spots! Do you know what this could be?
  • My high school son is thinking about getting a tattoo. What are the medical dangers of a tattoo?
  • What is the best way to remove a splinter in a child?
  • My 18-month-old daughter developed a rash on her hands three weeks ago. It itched a lot and had small puss filled heads with red splotches underneath. Her pediatrician said it was eczema caused by having her hands in water too much. The sample of corti
  • My 15 year old son has developed stretch marks on his stomach. Are they serious?
  • My 8 year old son has a mild case of Plantar’s warts for the second time. I have had more success at treating them myself. My question is, how do I prevent the rest of the family from becoming infected? Also, does the virus that causes Plantar’s warts
  • My son has a soft lump behind his knee so we took him to his doctor. She said he had a Baker’s Cyst and said it was nothing to worry about. Can you give me more information about it?
  • I received an email today warning about the dangers of using waterproof sunscreen. It said that getting sunscreen in the eye can cause blindness. I am very concerned. Is this true?
  • My 2 year old son was just diagnosed with a bout of ringwrom after I discovered and couldn't get rid of a red patch on his arm. It has been treated for four days now, but this morning there seems to be two more areas that have become affected. Is this no
  • My daughter is nine and has vitiligo (loss of skin pigment) on her legs and arms. Is there information on emotional counseling for her to help cope with problems that arise with her condition?
  • My five-year-old son recently had what is called a nevus sebaceous removed from his scalp. We were told it was most likely there at birth (we never saw it until about a month ago - our son is almost 5). I would like to know if we will still need to be
  • What is the best way to stop my eight-year-old from biting her nails?
  • My older brother had bad acne as a teenager. Does that mean that I will have it, too?
  • I have a two & half year daughter. Recently I have noticed a couple of grey hair on her head which I removed but she has grown them again. She was slightly underweight till two years but now has picked up and is a very active child. I am very much worrie
  • I am a 14 year old girl and have a dark mustache I hate. My mother says it doen’t show but it’s driving me crazy! I’m afraid to just shave it off. Do creams and other methods work?
  • Please help me. My son is 4 years old and has started having episodes when his lips suddenly turn blue. He is otherwise healthy. Our doctor checked him over and found nothing wrong and feels that perhaps the cold temperature in the house is causing the pr
  • I have recently found two small (pea-sized) lumps on the back of my 15-month-old daughter's neck, near where the neck meets the head. Could gland or lymph nodes be located this far back? Or could it be something else?
  • My son, age 2, has an abdominal hernia. It's not umbilical since it's about 2 inches above his belly button. What are all of the treatments available? Can it become strangulated like I heard? What do I do? Thank you, a very worried Mother,
  • What is a pilonidal cyst and how is it treated?
  • Ever since birth, my daughter has been on the hairy side. I've asked pediatricians about this, but haven't received a clear cut answer. She's now at the age (8 years old) where the children are teasing her. She wants to shave all the hair off her body! T
  • I am 13 year old boy and I have a fine, dark scraggly mustache that everyone teases me about. My parents say I’m too young to start shaving but it is embarrassing me to death. What’s so bad about shaving at my age?
  • I sweat a lot! By second class, I have sweat stains that go half way down my shirt. Nothing seems to work. Is there anything I can do about it?
  • I have a 6 year old daughter who presented a small growth on her fourth toe on her left foot. It first just looked like a small pimple it was round and all white, I just let it go think it was a pimple and would eventually go away. But then a month or so
  • My daughter Jill was on a trip to Marinelab in Key Largo, FL with her High School marine biology class in early December 1999. She came home with what we thought was a bug bite about the size of a quarter, raised like a welt, very hard in the center. Her p
  • Hi, wrote a couple of weeks ago about my daughter having a growth on her toe. She had it removed on Jan.12th, we had the stitches taken out today and found out that it was a calcium deposit. What can you tell me about calcium deposits? Why would she get
  • My daughter who is 10 months old, was recently diagnosed with nummular dermatitis. It is primarily on her buttocks, but has spread a little to her legs. She is on cutivate and we are using aquaphil with every diaper change. In all the info on this this
  • When a strawberry appeared on our 2 week old boy we found good information on this site. Particularly applicable was your statement that it isn't easy for a parent to watch one of these marks appear and grow without doing anything. I wonder now if that a
  • My 6 month old girl has a rash under her arm pits. It has been there since she was 4 months old. At her 4 month check up,her Dr. gave me a Hydrocortisone Valerate Cream. The rash consists of a redness under the arms with a cream-cheesey like discharge. Her
  • what are the white spots on my 16 month old son's fingernails?
  • My son who is now 11, from the time of birth has had a mottled skin appearance. He is thin (15-20th percentile)about 64 lbs and 54in tall. Do you know of any underlying medical conditions that could cause this, if so, what? Even when his skin is warm he
  • My 10 1/2 year old daughter is going through puberty. She has the breast, period and pubic hair. She appears to be having trouble with oily scalp and acne (it appears to be whiteheads) around the hair line and on the scalp into the hair line. What shoul
  • Our first child developed a "strawberry" when he was about 6 weeks old. We are now expecting our second child and I was wondering if it is more likely that she will also get one since her brother has one. Thank you for your time.
  • I have 8 week old baby boy. He has been having some rashes and when they heal they become white spots. My Peadetrician told to apply hydrocortisone cream 1%. Sometimes it looks like it is spreading to other parts of the body. He also has reddish rashes ove
  • I have a 8 week old baby boy. I breast feed the baby. When the baby was about 21/2 weeks old, one of my family members used the hair color (revlon hair color)to dye the hair, and the chemicals(in the hair color) smell spread all over the house. Immeidately
  • My three year old son recently developed several small hard lumps on the side of his neck. His pediatrician diagnosed them as "pea glands" explaining that they were enlarged lymph glands and quite common in a child his age. Should we be worried and will th
  • I have a 12-month-old son (he has an older sister who is almost 4) who wants to bite down on my shoulder or other body parts (face, arm). He has been doing this the past few months. We thought it was due to teething, but lately he has done this when he is
  • My 8 year-old daughter has terrible body odor. This has been a problem for some time. She doesn't show any signs of early puberty. She bathes regularly. She does seem to sweat a lot especially at night while sleeping. Could this be a sign of something? Our
  • I have a healthy/active 3 year old girl. However, for the first three or so hours after she falls asleep at night, she sweats profusely. It doesn't matter what she is wearing or whether or not she is covered--she's drenched. Is this something I should be c
  • My daughter is 6 years old and has excessive body hair on her back. She is very selfconcios about it and her friends are starting to tease her. I am considering hair removal options. What would be your recommendation?
  • Our doctor pointed out a vaginal adhesion in our baby girl at the two month checkup. she showed us how to massage the area to stretch it out. What is an adhesion? Will it require surgery? How does it form? Is it hereditary? Thank you for your response.
  • I have a 3 month old son and give him a bath everyday and he still has this wired oder to him. Ill even put lotion and baby oil on him but he still smells bad. And the other problem I have is a few weeks after I brought him home from the hospital I noticed
  • Is it safe to use baby powder on a newborn?
  • My son is 6 years old and has acne like bumps on his back. He has had these bumps for over a year now and his back doesn't seem to be clearing up. My husband will occassionally pop his bumps but I do not like him doing this. We have tried different soaps b
  • My son is three years old and has a severe case of chapped, very red lips. He is beginning to form blisters as well, on the skin around his lips. What should I do, and should I take him to see someone? Should I be very concerned about him?
  • What are some safe insect repellants for children under age two?
  • What is the best treatment for blackheads on a 12 year old boy's face?
  • My 8 year old daughter came home from a sleepover party crying because one of the other children teased her over a lack of a nipple. She has the pink of an aureole, and in the center it dips in, she has no distinguishable nipple. Are they inverted or do th
  • My friend's baby was born with a hole in her heart and a mole in her genital area. Recently, she began having some blood on the baby's t-shirt due to a discharge from the nipple. Have you heard of anything? Does this have anything to do with the heart or t
  • I have a 2 year old daughter who had jaundice as a newborn. Now I have noticed that she is looking yellow again, especially below her eyes. I was wondering if toddlers can get jaundice again, and why?
  • My teenage son plays hockey and his hands smell because of the think gloves he wears. Is there anything I can do to reduce this unpleasant problem?
  • My 7 month old son has had a red rash in the folds of his neck for months now and I can't get it to go away, I keep it clean and dry but since he is a little chubby it isn't really exposed to air much. What can I do to clear it up and should I be concerned
  • My 4-year-old son reacts to mosquito bites with redness and swelling by the next morning (if he is bit at night). Any suggestions?
  • We are having a problem with Bees and wasps in are area. Any advice to give to us in the event of a sting?
  • My three year old daughter has a brown spot on her scalp above her right ear. It is the size of a pencil eraser and has different shades of bronw in it. It is not raised and does not seem to bother her. Is it possible that this spot could be a melanoma. Or
  • My 8 year-old daughter has terrible body odor. This has been a problem for some time. She doesn't show any signs of early puberty. She bathes regularly. She does seem to sweat a lot especially at night while sleeping. Could this be a sign of something? Our
  • Can you give me more information on Mollescum Contagiouso? I am told it is common in children and it is an air borne virus?
  • I have a 4 month old daughter who has no bottom eyelashes and I was wondering, when do they come in?
  • My 19 month year old recently had a red discoloration on her left cheek. The area around her left eye was slightly swollen. It was as if she had been bitten by something. We could not find any bite marks. Over the next few days the discoloration moved from
  • My son has been breaking out with red spots that look like bites primarily on his abdomen for about 4 weeks now. He has no fever or apparent itching. He does get some "bite like spots" on his arms and legs. But he has had up to 50 on his stomach alone. He
  • When should the umbilical cord fall off?
  • My son is scheduled to receive 3 shots at his 5-yr. old checkup next week. How do I best prepare him for this without unduly upsetting him? (He has already heard about the painful shots from his classmates who have already had their 5-yr checkup.) Do I jus
  • My son has small red spots all over his torso. He doesn't seem to be affected by it. Could this be caused by a food allergy?
  • My baby girl is 7 months old and still has no hair other than a little fuzz. My husband is bald as a result of male pattern baldness and I am beginning to get concerned about my daughter. Is there anything I can do help her hair grow, and is there any conn
  • My 1 year old had a green runny nose and then formed cracks at the corners of his mouth. The nose has cleared but the cracks are worse. What is this and what can we do to cure it?
  • My daughter was born with a bluish tint at the bottom of her spine that my doctor said was a "Mongolian spot." Everyone, including baby sitters and friends, assumes that it is a bruise and looks at me funny. Could you explain this condition to me?
  • Our 12-year-old daughter has terrible body odor that smells yeasty. Sometimes we can barely stand to be in the same room. We have provided antibacterial soaps and deodorant but they don't seem to be solving the problem. Could this be diet or medically rela
  • BODY ODOR IN 5-YEAR OLD My 5 year old daughter has a terrible body odor (under her arms) is this common or could this be a sign of someting?
  • We found on one corner of our baby's eye (close to the ear direction, not to the nose direction) was reddish. Can we apply some cream for itchy skin or can we apply some eyedrop to help him to recover?
  • I have a three month old son, and his skin is still quite mottled about 90% of the time. He is very fair, but I worry that he may have circulatory or heart problems.
  • My 10 year old daughter already has body odor. Is this normal? She also sweats excessively? Anything we can do about that?
  • My grandchild bruises very easily. She even has marks down the middle of their back as if caused by her own vertabrae. Could this be a sign of a greater problem?
  • My 9 month old daughter's toe is peeling and appears to be bruised. I first noticed it when we were vacationing in VA beach and her toe was really red. I thought that it may have been sun burn, but after 2 months her toe has turned brownish in color and is
  • My 14 month old just sat on an ant mound. she has about 25 bites on her. I am giving her an oral antihistamine & applying an anti itch cream. My question is, should the blisters be popped or should I allow them to dry up on their own? I want them to heal i
  • My baby is a three months. My concern is yellow crusts on the skin of her head. They are easily removable and have shapes of ovals. Could you please let me know how serious this condition is? Thanks in advance.
  • I have 22 month old twin girls who for the last three weeks have had 3 to 4 loose stools per day. They seem otherwise healthy. They also have a bad diaper rash from all the diarrhea. Should I be concerned? Is there a possibility that they have a parasitic
  • My son has a white streak right down the center of his chest and stomach, He has had this about four years, and it seems it has gotten wider about chest high and you can see where it has moved towards each nipple but at the bottom it is no wider than a sma
  • My granddaughter is almost 9 years old and she has always had sweaty feet with a terrible odor. How can this be solved?
  • My 3 year old little girl has a bruise on her arm. The bruise has been there for about a month. Could there be anything wrong, and should it take a bruise this long to heal?
  • I've looked everywhere for information about trichatillmania..not sure of the spelling. My son has begun pulling out his hair to the extent that he has bald spots and I'm very worried. We have a lot of changes in our lives here recently and he just started
  • My son's hairdresser has discovered two small bald patches on my eight year old sons head. She mentioned that this could be due to stress. As he is normally of a sensative nature and is very particular about how he comes across to those around him, I was w
  • My 4 1/2 year old daughter developed a reddish rash with white heads on her neck and throat area. She also suffered from a thin white vagainal discharge. We have had numerous doctor visits without a diagnosis. Cultures were taken of the vagainal discharge
  • I would like to get my three months old daugthers ears pierced by a doctor how can I find one, my pediatrician does not do it. Thank You
  • My 10 month old daughter has been struggling with what appears to be a heat rash under her chin for about 3 months. The area under the folds of her chin and the area on her chest which comes in contact with her chin have been covered with small red bumps t
  • I have a 21 month old, over the weekend we noticed that his eyes are red (similar to if he's been crying) also he has a slight rash on his arms and legs. To the best of our knowledge, he has no food or medical allergies; he has not been exposed t
  • My 8 year old daughter has been itching for 3 weeks all over her body.There are no visible signs on her skin. Blood tests for parasites and allergy came back negative. Is it possible that the itching is just caused by emotional problems? She seem
  • My 4 1/2 year old daughter developed a reddish rash with white heads on her neck and throat area. She also suffered from a thin white vagainal discharge. We have had numerous doctor visits without a diagnosis. Cultures were taken of the vagainal discharge
  • My daughter bruises very easily, it has come to the point that not only has child protective services taken a look at her, (which by the way the case was closed), now her school is questioning us. We have taken her three times for blood tests are
  • My 18-month-old daughter has had pityriasis rosea for a month now. Is it common for the rash to almost disappear for a day and then reappear with a vengeance? Her hands, legs and feet are the worst areas. However, her face also gets covered and this is whe
  • Our daughter is 9 1/2 weeks old and still has part of the umbilical cord attached. It is about the size of a small pea. Our doctor told us to rub in Dermatop 0.1% twice a day until it has shrunk. If this doesn't take care it he will cauterize it.
  • My 5 year old son has suffered with severe eczema almost since birth. For the past two years I have, on doctor's orders, been applying steroid cream (fucidin H) twice daily. I am concerned that there may be long-term side effects. What are the chances that
  • I am a mother of two yera old boy. My mother has psoriasis. Till the age of 23, I did not have any skin ailment. But after that I was also diagnised as having psoriasis. What I want to know is whether my child will also have the problem sooner or later in
  • Are there any reliable tests that would determine if a child less than 1 year old has eczema due to an allergic reaction to a specific substance in his environment?
  • My 2 year old girl has been diagnosed with eczema on her scalp. What shampoo could you recommend that would not irritate the condition? I try to wash her hair only once a week, and just wet it with water. I've started applying baby oil and night and washin
  • My 3-year-old daughter has bruises all over her legs. I have asked our pediatrician about this at every visit since she was 1. She plays a little rough, but I am afraid that she has a thyroid problem or is anemic. She has a pale color all of the time. In A
  • My 5 month old has sucked her hands so much that they are chapped. What would be best to put on her hands to help clear them up but would not hurt her.
  • I have a 4 year old daughter with very short hair. Her hair has never been cut, and grows very, very slowly. I am worried about this because she is in pre-k now and some of the other children have called her a boy. Why is it growing at this slow rate? Her
  • My son who just turned 4 developed a bald spot on the right side of his head. It basicly appeared out of no where. It was about the size of a nickel, now it is about the size of a quarter. The scalp area around the bald spot feels normal. Please help.
  • I actually have two separate questions. First, my daughter is 15 months old and she is teething pretty badly (getting her I-Teeth). As a result, she has a nasty diaper rash. I have heard about several different kinds of home remedies or over the counter
  • My son is seven months old.Everything else about him is okay but he sweats a lot especially when he is asleep. Should I visit a doctor? Please help.
  • My just turned 4 year old son has a lump in his lymph nodes in his right inner thigh. The pediatrician administered oral anti-biotics to treat a possible infection. The problem is that it didn't go away and is still there although it did decrease in size s
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