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Quick reference medical handouts used by Pediatric offices

March. 01, 2015

2015 Immunization Schedules

Every year, recommendations for routine use of vaccines in children, adolescents, and adults are developed by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. The 2015 child and adolescent schedule has now been released with only a few minor changes to last years recommendations

If You Choose Not to Vaccinate Your Child

If you choose to delay some vaccines or reject some vaccines entirely, there can be risks. Please follow these steps to protect your child, your family, and others.

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Have a Baby or Young Child With a Cold? Most Don't Need Medicines

What can parents do when their babies and young children have a cold? It depends on the child’s age. Although most colds in children don’t have serious complications, they can cause great worry to caregivers, and are among the top reasons for visiting a doctor.

CDC: Circumcision benefits outweigh risks

U.S. health officials released a draft of long awaited federal guidelines on circumcision, saying medical evidence supports the procedure and health insurers should pay for it.

Winter First Aid Kit

When winter arrives, many common winter illnesses do, too. To be prepared for everything that winter brings, make sure your home first-aid kit is stocked and ready so you don't find yourself up late at night with a sick child and no 24 hour pharmacy in sight.

Three Ways to Calm a Cough

Coughing is one of the most disturbing sounds a parent can hear. It is uncomfortable, tires a child, worries the parents, and robs the entire family of sleep. Yet, a cough is an essential defense mechanism to keep the lungs clear of viruses, bacterial, and other foreign objects

Vaccine Myths: An Update

For parents, making a decision about vaccinating your child can be tough, given the disharmony of opinions out there. So what do you need to know? Myths about vaccine safety are both powerful and prevalent. In parts of the United States and Canada vaccination rates have dropped, and in some communities more than 40 per cent of seven year olds do not have all their shots. .

'No Legal Marijuana,' Pediatricians Say

he American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has drawn a line in the sand, issuing a sober policy statement reaffirming its opposition to the legalization of marijuana. The tide of public opinion and state laws, however, may be turning against the organization.

Breast Budding in Girls

It’s an exciting time for your daughter when her breasts finally start growing. And often an anxious time, with lots of worries. Often, the child is embarassed to talk about their concerns: How big will they get, will they look good, and is anything wrong with mine? So here is the basic information you will need to talk to your daughter about her breast development.

Are your child's immunizations up to date: An Interactive Guide

Get the best protection for your child—make sure your youngster is immunized on schedule. For a complete list of recommended immunizations, just select your child’s age and we will do the rest.

Advertising links will direct you off of the KidsGrowth Web site. KidsGrowth is neither responsible for
nor does it necessarily endorse the privacy practices, content or products of these sites.

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